Achieving an excellent credit score is no easy task. It takes years of work and an impeccable record of on time payments. Finally reaching the upper echelon of credit ratings has its perks and it is time to cash in on those.

Instead of spending thousands on interest rates, you can qualify for car loans that actually save you thousands in Toronto. Those 0% APR deals you see on TV? Those are practically designed just for you and while they might not be truly 0%, as we have learned, they are still exceptionally great deals for financing a car at almost no extra cost.

A high credit rating can also:

  • Help refinance or restructure your other existing loans
  • Speed up the approval process on a new loan
  • Lower the costs of other bills (in some cases, even your utility bills!)
  • Allow you spend less overall on monthly credit and loan payments

If you once had to deal with the high interest rates of a bad credit car loan, you should be elated at your new credit status. After years of negotiating in an uphill battle with lenders, you now find yourself with a little bit of leverage. Take full advantage of it! You have worked hard to achieve an excellent credit rating, so do not be afraid to flaunt it.

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The biggest mistake customers with excellent credit ratings make is assuming they are already getting the best deals. While you will likely receive great rates, maybe some of the best you have ever received, it does not mean that it is the greatest deal out there. Many borrowers with a newfound credit rating over 780 are content with the extra low interest rates they are getting, but why settle for 1% when you could have even less? Even with an excellent score, it is still important to shop around for the best loan offer!

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