The majority of car owners are familiar with the car care or damaged car. Damage it can occur because many things, such as improper care, malfunctions car components or caused other drivers on the road. The damage was ranging from abrasions on the car body to exhaust the damaged.

If your car is often damaged, the federally costs incurred each year to repair the damage could reach thousand of dollars. Cars that are old or have to travel long distances are usually more vulnerable to damage.

Some kind of damage does not require a lot of money. However, the careless or negligent in the care of the car on a regular basis can result in damage to the car repair costs that force you to spend more.

Car Maintenance tips

Based on, There are two types of car repair with the highest costs.

  1. Engine failure

Engine failure is a common thing in every car. Engine damage can occur if there is internal damage to the engine and thus require repair or replacement of components are very expensive. Some internal damage to the engine clutch that may occur is broken, damaged valve, or an oil leak. If you want to replace the engine, the cost varies depending on the type of car you are sure the price can reach thousand of dollars.

Engine failure generally occurs in vehicle with high mileage, because the engine components have worked long enough. Therefore, in case of engine failure, you should also replace other related components, such as power steering, radiator and transmission systems. If you just replace the engine, it could be soon your car will go back to the workshop.

  1. Replacements of transmission

According to research around nine out of ten automatic transmission car never suffered damage as a result of transmission of transmission fluid that is problematic. Generally it happens because the vehicle owner forgot to change the transmission oil. Transmission oil is rarely replaced, unlike other liquids in the car, because the car owners like to forget to remove the resulting transmission of the car was damaged, for prevent it, schedule for transmission oil change every two or three years.

Repair cost on the car manual and automatic course different, for manual car, repair cost costs transmission only a few million rupiah, while on the automatic car replacement cost transmission of the average over the $ 1000

In fact there are still some car repairs that require a considerable cost, but if you diligently perform maintenance on your car, the damage can be minimized. But there are some improvements that are not too costly, one of which fixes the exhaust. Muffler damage car is usually caused by clogged or there is water that goes into it. However, muffler repairs usually do not require considerable costs, you are recommended to replace the muffler complete with the filter, so that the end of your vehicle exhaust emissions do not pollute the environment. The average cost that it takes about $ 40 to $ 70