Some experts believe that one in three Australians pays too much for their car insurance. If these figures are to be believed, it means that insurance companies are being given a lot of free money each year.

Nowadays, most money guides recommend you shop around before signing up to any insurance deal. While this helps, it’s still not a guarantee that you’ll pay less on your car insurance, especially with the fine print found on many of the most popular comparison websites.

Thinking about increasing your excess, or maybe driving less miles in the hope of saving money? This will have some effect, but won’t save you as much money as you’d like. The answer to cheaper insurance premiums? A tracking device.

Long Term Savings

The idea of splashing out on a new gadget for your car may not be too appealing to you, especially when you’re reading this article to try to save money. But the benefits of a tracking device are too great to be ignored. Not only do they deter thieves, but they also make stolen cars easier to recover.

How does having a tracking device save you money if your car doesn’t get stolen? Well, insurance providers are known to be extremely fond of these devices, for the obvious reasons. Fit one into your car, and the cost of your insurance premiums will drop like a stone.

Peace of Mind

With call centers across the country manned to the rafters with staff waiting to help out, you can be sure if your car ever goes missing, there’s a great chance you’ll get it back.

While saving money on insurance premiums is great, so is not having to buy a new car. If your vehicle returns with minimal damage, insurance payouts are likely to be faster, and your no claims bonus may even remain intact.

Rely on Technology

GPS, GSM and even VHF are all features of a car tracking device, and make locating your vehicle if it ever goes missing much simpler than relying on eye witnesses.

The device allows the police to track down your vehicle to within a 10-mile radius, meaning you’re likely to get it returned to you safely. The motion sensors in car trackers also help prevent against toe theft. They’re capable of picking up illegal movements, and relaying the information back to customer service.

More Money and More Protection

For the small investment cost, a tracking device can pay big dividends. Not only will your insurance premiums almost certainly reduce, but you’ll also have a far greater chance of winning the battle against a committed car thief.

Many companies across Australia now install these devices, and they’re proving extremely popular among motorists. It’s not just the loss of money that hurts when a car gets stolen, it’s also the loss of your pride and joy that really infuriates you.

Finding a reliable Workshop

There are many workshop available in the market to assist you with the installation of the device. You can either purchase the device online or through the workshop doing the installation. In Singapore, you can always look up DesignerICE near Bukit Batok for the installation else just google it.

Getting Quoted

With the device installed, you have to source for insurance that appreciate your device. That’s been said, you can easily find a competitive car insurance now . Visit to get yours quoted today in Australia.

Moreover, if you are a high risk driver then it’s better for you to look for an affordable car insurance company that provides high risk drivers car insurance.