The 2015 Toyota Alphard, Vellfire, and Harrier are taking Singapore by storm due to their luxurious interior, sporty design, and superior fuel efficiency. Alpine Asia is proud to offer equally elegant components to complement Toyota’s newly designed models.

Crafted with families in mind, Toyota’s design and engineering teams worked diligently to ensure none of the models sacrifice style or substance along the way, which also helps overturn the unfortunate assumption that a family vehicle has to be rather plain. In fact, both Toyota and Alpine have pushed the envelope in terms of design so that even the most style conscious individual will be able to appreciate the attention to detail and futuristic mindset that went into crafting these beautiful automobiles and their components.

For instance, Alpine’s accessories for the 2015 Toyotas are not only exquisitely designed, but they are exceptionally practical. Their all-in-one navigation system for Toyota boasts an extra wide 9 inch screen that allows the owner to enjoy crisp, high-resolution images that have previously only been seen in high-end A/V equipment. Now the same immersive user-experience is available to owners of the 2015 Toyota Harrier, Vellfire, and Alphard. The large display makes it easy to navigate and control entertainment options all on a single screen. Moreover, with an optional digital TV tuner available, passengers are also able to watch their favorite TV programs while on the road–the resolution is so good that they may not want to leave the vehicle after arriving at the destination.


Other accessories are also available for entertaining children sitting in the back. The most notable are the 10.2 inch flip down monitors that not only broadcast exquisitely beautiful video, but are equipped with Alpine’s plasmacluster technology that uses ions to eliminate static electricity and purify the air simultaneously.

While the opulent interior and extraordinarily safe engineering of the Toyota models will appeal to every buyer, one must not forget that cars also exist in a real-world environment. Because of this, Alpine has designed their new rearview camera systems with high dynamic range technology to ensure drivers of Toyota’s 2015 Alphard, Vellfire, and Harrier can see clearly at night when parking or backing up. This advancement demonstrates that Alpine-Asia believes consumers should enjoy the best video experience both inside and outside their Toyota vehicle, whether for the purpose of entertainment or safety.

Because trusted brands like Toyota and Alpine continue to demand excellence from their products, the consumer reaps the benefit. Both companies have a long history of exceeding buyer’s expectations, which translates into high customer satisfaction and enjoyment of the in-car experience for years to come.


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