Car rims is the part of the car wheel that you see when looking at the vehicle. It also adds a decorative touch to the appearance of your car and provides support for the tire. Car Rims can be purchased in a variety of styles, and they are a popular way to give your car a custom look. Therefore, if you put a lot of emphasize on your car appearance, probably you would be very concerned on how to maintained your car rims.

Dirty Wheels

Car rims have a tendency to attract a large amount of dirt and debris. Spend some time on them when cleaning your car.

Step 1

Clean the tires first. As you clean your tires, a lot of the dirt falls onto the rims. Therefore you want to clean the rims last.

Step 2

Spray Car rims

Spray the rims with a degreaser. This should loosen the build-up that accumulates around the nuts and bolts of the rims. Pay extra attention to areas where you see a lot of dirt and grease.

Step 3

Wipe away the degreaser. If you leave the degreaser on the rims too long, it can cause damage, including discoloration.

Step 4

Shower the rims

Shower the rims with water from your garden hose. You can wash away any of the debris left behind after using the degreaser.

Step 5

Wipe Clean

Dry the rims with a clean cloth. At this point, they should be free of any buildup.

Step 6

Shine Wheels

Shine the rims with a rim cleaner to protect rims and also give them a nice shine.


A number of things can go wrong with wheel cleaning. Avoid them by avoiding:

-Extensive build-up of brake dust, which is typically ready for removal every 6 months or 1,500 miles

-All-purpose cleaners not specifically designed for automotive use or your specific wheel finish

-Stiff-bristle brushes that can scratch wheel surfaces

-A single brush for the entire job; wheels and tires require different brush types; wheels alone require different sizes and styles

-Skipping the important steps of hand-drying and waxing

Getting a new Car Rims if maintaining failed

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